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We are about writing, illustrating and publishing table top role-playing games. MontiDots is a collaborative venture between three friends incorporating passions, skills, ideas, creativity and fun.

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The End of Kings

front cover 30 6

A complete role playing game set in 17th century England. Immerse yourself in a world of civil war and espionage, superstition and witchcraft, the constant threat of demonic presence and terrifying fairy folk. And if the Barguest doesn’t get you disease, plague and the travails of life might. This all in one tome includes complete descriptions of character generation, combat systems, skills and spells, creatures and mundane folk. It even includes a mini adventure of its own and for those who prefer their rpg historical there are plenty of references to the actual period.
End of Kings is based on the familiar skills percentage systems of the likes of Call of Cthulhu, so most will find it easy to pick up and play.


For the old school role playing game system.

harken new cover    harken-new-cover
bane cover print    highcliff-cover

Bad Day at Blackmarsh
A dead body is found. Possibly a tragic accident, but underneath the still waters of Blackmarsh more sinister schemes are at work. This has been developed for our horror setting as The Fenworthy Inheritance but includes a huge dungeon, The Copper Mine, that could be lifted and played by itself.

The Curse of Harken Hall
Lord Harken has but six months to live. Perhaps the cellars of the old mansion will reveal why?

See R’lyeh’s excellent review.

Necromancer’s Bane
The night-watch at Highcliff Gard keep hearing strange sounds coming from the catacombs. The guards who went in to investigate have not returned. Some one needs to go in there as there are more corpses that need to be buried. This is a sequel to The Curse of Harken Hall.


See R’lyeh’s excellent review.

The Tale of Highcliff Gard
An overview of the valley of Highcliff Gard where the Curse of Harken Hall and Necromancer’s Bane are set. This is more than a travelogue. Within more adventures abound.


The Earth Abides

Based on the Skills percentage system familiar in Call of Cthulhu, using the Gore system of Goblinoid Games.

front cover3   front-cover-small


The Fenworthy Inheritance
1922 Dartmoor and a nice walking holiday. What could go wrong? This adaption of Bad Day at Blackmarsh is a Lovecraftian game combining a good detective story with a supernatural twist.

The Smoking Mirror
A researcher at The British Museum has gone missing, the son of  Lord Soames. The investigators, drawing the attention of authorities by their adventure in Dartmoor, are brought in to investigate.  This can be played either as an independent adventure or as a sequel to The Fenworthy Inheritance.


is the direct follow on from Necromancer’s Bane in the Thorambadt game setting. This unusual adventure is a transition module between one realm of existence to the next and introduces the players to a vast new game setting to be produced soon by MontiDots Ltd. This adventure could be run in any setting with a complete dungeon for mid to high level characters. See this excellent review from TSR for more details!



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  1. Had the great pleasure of playing Harken Hall and Necromancer’s Bane at Seven Hills with Simon. Absolutely fantastic fun – never thought I would enjoy 1st level D&D again after all these years but the chemistry between the players and DM was amazing and so incredibly refreshing to get away from the min/max imperative of later editions. High point of the weekend for me, thank you so much.

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