Welcome to MontiDots

We are about writing and publishing table top role-playing games, story telling, tattoo design illustrations (postcards, posters, framed prints, etc), and anything else we can think of or that you can suggest.

MontiDots is a collaborative venture between three friends incorporating passions, skills, ideas, creativity and fun.

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Our Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/eusabyus


You can now purchase a copy of The Fenworthy Inheritance at: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/


 Bad Day at Blackmarsh


A dead body is found. Possibly a tragic accident, but underneath the still waters of Blackmarsh more sinister schemes are at work.

Fantasy roleplay old school rules.

The Curse of Harken Hall


Lord Harken has but six months to live. Perhaps the cellars of the old mansion will reveal why?

Fantasy roleplay old school rules.

 Necromancer’s Bane


The night-watch at Highcliff Gard keep hearing strange sounds coming from the catacombs. The guards who went in to investigate have not returned. Some one needs to go in there as there are more corpses that need to be buried. This is a sequel to The Curse of Harken Hall.

Fantasy role-play old school rules.

The Tale of Highcliff Gard


An overview of the valley of Highcliff Gard where the Curse of Harken Hall and Necromancer’s Bane are set. This is more than a travelogue. Within more adventures abound.

Fantasy roleplay old school rules.

The Fenworthy Inheritance


1922 Dartmoor and a nice walking holiday. What could go wrong? This adaption of Bad Day at Blackmarsh is a Lovecraftian game combining a good detective story with a supernatural twist.

Horror/Detective roleplay using percentage skill based rules (similar to Cthulhu)


The End of Kings



The End of Kings is a complete rulebook and adventure in one. It is set during the chaos of the English Civil  War when muskets were the weapon of choice, witches were being hunted and plague raged through the land. The End of Kings is based on the percentage skills system with complete listings of weapons, spells, creatures and skills.

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