The problem with the creative process is that sometimes there are no ideas to be had. You just stare at the bit of paper or the screen and it stares back at you, daring you to do something, anything. You go off and do something else instead, defeated.

Other times the valve of creativity just snaps in your hand and a torrent just comes out. What to do then? Get it all written down, even if its a drawing, just quickly write key words. You don’t even need to keep the bit of paper. The fact you have acted on an idea seems to lodge it somewhere for retrieval.

Eventually this becomes a mental closet filled with notions and ideas. they all get mixed up. A horror story suddenly materialises as a sequel to a fantasy thread. A drawing planned for one module turns up perfectly fitting another.

Plan it all out?

Put it all in separate boxes?

Be more organised?

Not sure whether that’s a good idea. all these notions and half thoughts catch each others germs, they propagate, create new notions otherwise never to be found. One example. In the End of Kings I have researched alchemists of the 16th and 17th Centuries including the famous Dr John Dee, adviser to the Queen, Alchemist and Religious oddity. He used an obsidian mirror as part of his laboratory equipment. Probably for scrying and divination…

imagesUnrelated to this is The Fenworthy Inheritance, our first foray into 1920s Horror. In the sequel the investigators will be finding themselves confronting an Aztec spirit…
Tezcatlipoca….I won’t say too much apart from this…
Tezcatlipoca  translates as Smoking Mirror….The origin of Dee’s Obsidian mirror? An ancient Aztec Artefact.

How do the threads wind together!


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